Fight Fake Capacity Flash Memory

eBay Black List Sellers – Fake Memory Published By SOSFakeFlash

Posted by techchips on February 11, 2010

Want to know who sells fake MP players, USB pen sticks and memory cards on eBay?

These sellers advertise 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, 256GB capacity, but that is not what you will get. It seems most buyers receive only 2GB to 4GB in real size and are at risk for data and file loss. SOSFakeFlash just published new lists for April 2010 . Over 983+ eBay sellers are on file. See their Lists.

2 Responses to “eBay Black List Sellers – Fake Memory Published By SOSFakeFlash”

  1. TechChips said

    SOSFakeFlash is working on a new list. They say about 1080 sellers are recorded now.

  2. […] You can see the list of sellers proven to sell fake drives on eBay at SOSFAKEFLASH. […]

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