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SDRAM RAM Memory Chips Used In Fake Flash Capacity MP3 MP4 Players Sold On eBay?

Posted by techchips on October 3, 2009

SOSFakeFlash received a recent report for an Fake MP Player sold by eBay Fake Flash Memory seller kinhome88. It was an MP Player advertised as 32GB. When the victim opened the player he found SAMSUNG’s K4S281632C-TC1L as the storage chip. At Samsung, this is an EOL SDRAM memory chip.

See: Yogi’s Fake 32GB MP Player From kinhome88 eBay Fake Flash Memory Seller – Charger Blows Up

The questions:

  • Are old EOL SDRAM chips from Samsung finding their way into false capacity MP Players being sold on eBay?
  • Is the chip serial K4S281632C-TC1L being counterfeited?

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