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Corsair Publishes Warning About Counterfeit USB Flash Drives

Posted by techchips on September 9, 2009

Corsair is another brand name to fall victim to counterfeiting of their usb flash drive products. They are now warning consumers at their help desk. The most counterfeited is the Flash Voyager according to SOSFakeFlash’s information. Source of acquistion for most victims? eBay.

FlashDriveFacts just published: Corsair USB Flash Drives – Buying And Selling – A Guide Interesting reading.

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Beware Ebay Fake Memory! Detailed Study Revealed By FakeFlashNews On MP Players, Memory Cards, USB Flash Pen Sticks

Posted by techchips on September 2, 2009

SOSFakeFlash tracks eBay sellers of False capacity mp players, usb pensticks and memory cards. When victims report in using the Report A Fake Tab they add the information into their database.

FakeFlashNews has just released a report from SOSFakeFlash. The controller is “The Don Of Fake Flash In The Orient” – he seems to control many different eBay seller id’s. The fraud is amazing! It appears to be the biggest and most sinister counterfeit ring operating on eBay for fake flash mp players, memory cards and usb flash drives. The fraud appears to be estimated in the millions.

eBay Fraud – Heng Fung House – Home To eBay Counterfeit Ring – Lei Sio Hong. Connected To The Don Of Fake Flash In the Orient – 3ToTrade. SOSFakeFlash Investigation.

It’s hard to believe. Ebay doesn’t seem to have any interest in stopping this scam.

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