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Kingston DT310/256 Counterfeits Sold On eBay!

Posted by techchips on May 8, 2010

Kingston Technologies continues to suffer from Counterfeiters in China for their usb flash drives. The new the DT310 in 256GB is now available on eBay for only $98 US !

342 offers it at $722.99 US

Newegg DT310

TechChips published: DT310/256GB Replaces DataTraveler DT300 256GB DataTraveler From Kingston Technologies. DT310 Is The Biggest USB Pen Stick Memory Flash Drive Size on February 20 2010. We did not expect that the new DT310/256GB would be counterfeited so quickly.

Something is very wrong at Kingston Technologies. Their usb flash drives are counterfeited too quickly. Is there a security problem at Kingston? The SOSFakeFlash site is documenting too many false capacity Kingston usb flash drives. It is the most counterfeited brand name for flash memory technology.

No other brand name is reported the most to SOSFakeFlash. Are Kingston usb flash drives being counterfeited because of the high profile for the brand? Or is it because Kingston exercises the least security and control for their products? TechChips is unable to answer this question. Can you?

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