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What Is The Largest Flash Memory Card? Who Makes Them?

Posted by techchips on July 12, 2011

The highest capacity for flash memory cards is currently 128GB made by Sandisk and Lexar. For CompactFlash cards, Sandisk is the choice. For 128GB SDXC cards, Lexar is the leader from a price perspective. Kingston Technologies offers 64GB capacity SDXC memory cards.  What do these new 128GB flash memory cards look like and how much do they cost?


You will not find a bargain price for a flash memory card advertised at 128GB on the internet. The CompactFlash 128GB cards are professional for the most demanding photographer. SDXC cards will also be expensive.

At Newegg:

SanDisk 128GB Compact Flash (CF) Flash Card Model SDCFXP-128G-A91


Current price over $1000 US.

At Amazon:

SanDisk 128 GB CompactFlash Type 2 Flash Memory Card SDCFXP-128G-X46 – Black


Current price over $1400 US.

The lowest price for a SDXC 128GB flash memory card is on Amazon currently on sale for over $200 US.

Lexar Media 128 GB SDXC Flash Memory Card LSD128CRBNA133 found on the internet from a reputable discount site was at Amazon


Currently Kingston Technologies is not offering a 128GB capacity for flash memory cards. Their largest capacity is 64GB for flash memory cards. The Kingston 64 GB Class 10 SDXC Flash Card SD10A/64GB is high end and generally does not sell for less then $380 US.

If you need high capacity 64GB or 128GB flash memory cards, expect to pay a fair price. Do not try to buy them on eBay for low prices. If you do, you will become a victim of flash memory fraud. These high capacity flash memory cards are expensive to manufacture and must pass many quality tests to ensure they meet the standards you expect.

A 128GB flash memory card is blazing new technology, it is not cheap, it is very high end. Few brand names offer them and there are currently no generics available in real advertised capacity. Beware of any flash memory card advertised in a capacity higher than 128 GB, the technology in 2011 does not yet exist on the consumer market.

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